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The East Bay Outfitter is located in the South Central part of the Gouin Reservoir. Formerly known as Cargair Outffiter, it is part of the network of outfitters served by Air Mont-Laurier. From there comes the expression ‘Fast Access’.

8 cabins each in their own bay ensure absolute tranquility.

Walleye and pike fishing

Walleye pits and pike bays within your reach…

Located in the East Bay at the Goin Reservoir, the outfitter offers fishermen eight camps positioned near the best fishing spots.

Access is easy and the trip on the water is short. A series of islands offer rocky shores as well as sandy points favored by walleye.

In addition, several bays have grass beds that serve as a larder for northern pike.

Dynamic fishing techniques…

The fishing season extends from mid-May to the closing of the Gouin Reservoir, in mid-September.

Throughout the season, walleye and pike respond to fishermen’s offerings. However, fishing techniques differ as the season progresses.

Water levels and temperatures challenge the imagination in terms of lures and baits. A sonar becomes essential to find depths and underwater structures.

Comfortable Camps…

The camps have fully equipped kitchens.

The stove, lighting, refrigerator and freezer are all powered by propane gas and the heating is oil-fired system.

Running water, non-drinkable, is also part of the amenities.

Comfort on the water…

The 15′ aluminum boats are powered by 15 hp motors

Each passenger sits on a pivoting molded seat, thus ensuring better comfort.

An anchor is installed on each boat.

The pleasure of relaxing in an exotic nature…

A fishing expedition would be incomplete without adding daily resourcing opportunities. Take the time to watch the birds, a sunrise and a sunset, pick berries, blueberries are abundant in the East Bay.

Stopping on a beach and indulging in a fresh walleye “shore lunch” is a must.

Hunting • Fishing • Outdoor activities

Moose Hunting

Jesmer and Tiberiade Outfitters

We offer moose hunting through Jesmer and Tiberiade outfitters accessible by seaplane.

Excellent territories and structures ensure a challenging wilderness hunt.

The packages spread over a three-week period include round-trip airfare, European plan accommodations, boats and strategically positioned stands.

Hunting • Fishing • Outdoor activities

How to get there

  • Coucher de soleil et pouvoirie du Québec

A panoramic seaplane flight included…

The departure point is located in Rivière-Rouge (Ste-Véronique sector) 2 hours from Montreal via routes 15 and 117 North.

From Gatineau (2H15) take routes 50, 309 and 117 South. Via Mont-Laurier (2h30) or take routes 50, 323 and 117 North via Mont-Tremblant.

Our hydrobase is located at Lake Tiberiade in the heart of the village of Ste-Veronique. Free parking is available. Our seaplane fleet is composed of Cessna, Beaver and Turbo Otter aircraft.

The 1 hour and 10 minute flight to the East Bay is enjovable and adds to the experience.

Location of the Air Mont-Laurier Hydrobase

Location of the East Bay Outfitter

Outfitter in Quebec • RATES

General informations

Fishing + Lures suggestions

Medium rod and reel, *Thin Finn. Hot’n Tot; Cotton Cordell, various jigs styles and colors (yellow, orange, black; etc.), Nils. Master, Spinerbait with a red tail (Firetail), etc.

A rig with a bottom walking sinker followed by an 18-inch. (45 cm) leader and a slender crankbait, specifically a Rapala or Nils Master.

The Spinnerbait with a red tail (Firetail) adorned with a worm is also very productive.

Steel leader, Dare Devil; red & white, Williams, Rapala (HuskyJerk), Mepps Spinners, etc.

Fishing Line
6 to 10lb test.

Catch Limits:
Walleye: 8
Pike: 10
We encourage pike catch and release.

To know for your stay…


  • May and June: 55°F to 75°F
  • July and August:60°F à 80°F
  • September:40°F 70°F

Carte topographique:

Aluminum 15′ with swivel seats.

Outboard Motor:
Mercury 15 hp.

Available at the hydrobase

  • Fishing license
  • Worms
  • Topographical Map

What you need to bring

  • Food
  • Soap, towels, facecloth
  • Laundry soap
  • Dish towels
  • Fishing equipment, tackle, gear and net
  • Fishing license (available at our seaplane base)
  • Seeping bag and pillow
  • Appropriate shoes and clothing (waterproof)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Matches or lighter
  • Cap and sunglasses
  • Knife
  • Life jacket (mandatory in boats)
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Map
  • Compass and GPS
  • Binoculars
  • Camera

Quebec walleye management includes the Gouin reservoir zone (14} The water body became a wildlife community area (WCA) in 1999. The fishing limits are 8 walleye and 10 pike per regular permit.

The size range to be respected for walleye is from 32 to 47 centimeters.

It is allowed to transport preserved walleye if they are whole, including the head. Without the head, the pectoral fin must be preserved.

The purse seine method is also allowed (see below).


  • Daily catch limit: 8 including those you consume the same day.
  • Possession limit: 8
  • Exploited size range: 32-47 cm

Only walleye with a TOTAL length between 32 and 47 centimeters can be kept.

Moreover, you can watch a video demonstrating the method for filleting your walleye in accordance with the regulations on the website of the Ministry of Wildlife and Parks.

There is no size range for Northern Pike. However, we recommend that you release the large spawning individuals back into their environment. A photo lasts forever and will definitely leave you with a better feeling.

The use of dead or live bait fish is not allowed.

See website:

Method for filleting walleye for fishing in Quebec